Phelly Materials supplies pure Titanium and Titanium alloy powder using Hydride-dehydride process. The powders have a quality in chemistry with reasonable price. The particle size distribution can be controlled to some degree via classification method by removing upper and/or lower limits. However, as the fine and coarse limits come closer together, the yield diminishes and the process cost increases. Powders are currently offered from 25mesh down to 500mesh (25mm) distribution. For any given particle size range a tolerance must be agreed upon in terms of the percentage of over/undersize acceptable. Sharp cut offs of the particle size distribution are not practical.

The powders are supplied to meet ASTM F1580 and other ASTM, AMS and Mil specifications, and are ideal for use in traditional powder metallurgy as well as thermal spray and laser cladding techniques.

Powder Shape: Irregular and angular

Particle Size (mesh): Supplied by agreement

Note: Oxygen level will vary with the size fraction applied  

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