Since 1997, Phelly Materials has been supplying PVD materials with product lines in metals, alloys, evaporation materials and sputtering targets. Our capabilities include refining, melting, forging, machining and sintering. We supply PVD materials to a variety of markets including aerospace, electronics, optical, medical and semiconductor industries.

Phelly Materials also specializes in porous metal beaded coating materials using an advanced processing method. Our major products under this category are spherical CP Titanium and CoCrMo beads. The 45,000+ sq. ft. spherical powder manufacturing facility houses technically advanced processing equipments that allow us to continue to provide superior products and service to our clients.

Our thermal spraying materials include hydride-dehydride CP titanium and titanium 6Al-4v powder, thermal spray Ti wire, oxide ceramic powder and tungsten carbide base powder.

Phelly Materials recognizes the critical application in which our products are used and the importance of a system that will ensure high quality, consistency and reproducibility in the products we supply to our customers. To accomplish this, Phelly Materials is certified to the requirement of ISO9001-2015 and meet the requirements of FDA Quality System Regulations 21 CFR 820 for biomedical materials.  A shared commitment to meet or exceed our customer’s requirements ensures that these standards are maintained at every level or our company.

At Phelly Materials, we are devoted to delivering the highest quality materials to our customers at competitive prices with personalized service. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to applying our high quality coating materials to your applications.