Phelly Materials specializes in evaporation materials and sputtering
targets. We have developed more than 80 types of evaporation materials for optical coating purpose. The materials include Oxide, Fluoride, Sulfide, Chloride, Metals, Metal Alloy and multi-element mixture coating materials.

The high quality of anti-IR, anti-UV, anti-microwave, anti-electricity, anti-corrosion and other special function films are available by using our coating materials. The optical coating materials are suitable for evaporation by electron beam gun or Mo, Ta, W, and Pt boat.

PVD coating materials supplied by Phelly are made by employing a variety of state-of-the-art production equipments and manufacturing techniques tailored to suit the specific materials being produced. Metals and alloys are melted and cast, in vacuum or inert atmosphere, then forged, rolled and machined to their final configuration. Non-metallic materials are pressed and sintered, then ground to finished specifications. Materials can be supplied as grains or granules, tablets, rods and wires. To insure our consistent high quality, all materials are analyzed by methods such as wet chemistry analysis, mass or emission spectrographic analysis. A typical chemical analysis is provided with every shipment.